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Better Together!

My Faith In Focus endeavors to be a place for those of “like precious faith” where we can encourage each other through learning, laughing, crying, and living in general. 

Our goal is to be a safe place were we meet the needs of the searching, the hurting, the poor, orphan, and the widow. 

We are establishing a community of faith where people can build relationship with Biblical foundations.

We are dedicated to providing the best mobile app experience as you seek to grow and nurture your faith.
The My Faith In Focus APP has:

Easy Navigation
Community Interaction
Study Tools
High Quality Media Content
Social Media Integration
Available on IOS and Android

Ed Harris, Founder

Ed Harris is a published author, in-demand speaker and relationship coach that is sought after for his wisdom and advice worldwide.

In addition to spending over 10 years as an itinerant, non-ordained teacher and local radio preacher, Ed and his wife and along with mentor and friend Dr. Arthur Lee and eight other families founded Beit Messiach in 2001. This fellowship was birthed to assist Christians that wanted to understand and walk out the Hebrew roots of their Christian Faith. While serving as the President and Spiritual leader of this new community, Ed was blessed to study and learn from some of the most prominent Rabbis and teachers in America and Israel.

Ed is a man who is primarily fueled by his pursuit of the truth and is a proponent of personal growth and accountability. Those who know Ed, appreciate the passion that he has for family and his fresh perspective, creative and insightful thinking. Ed’s love of the word truly shines through each one of his passionate, honest, and heartfelt teachings. His knack in developing practical biblical solutions makes him a valuable resource for individuals and groups of all sizes.

In 2009, Ed received his next assignment to become the Senior Congregational leader of a new fellowship in Dallas, Texas called Beit Yashua, which is translated as House of Salvation (Jesus). Beit Yashua is a multi-cultural, multi-generational fellowship that seeks to observe the whole council of the Word of God.